A Grandmothers Heartwarming Message to Her Granddaughter from 2,500 Miles Away

A must read story: Read the heartwarming thank you letter from Susan Ward in Scottsdale, Arizona who purchased one of our necklaces for her granddaughter, Kelly before she moved over 2,000 miles away to pursue her ballet career.

If you have a grandchild or child who has moved far away from home, you will relate to Susan’s message.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

“The love a grandmother feels for her granddaughter is unexplainable. It’s a bond that can never be broken no matter the distance or length of time spent apart. My relationship with my granddaughter, Kelly is proof of this.

When Kelly was just three years old, I went to her very first dance recital. Her curly hair bounced from side to side as she twirled and spun across the stage. I cried just looking at her because I knew how fast these moments would disappear. It happened with my daughter, and it would happen with Kelly.

I cherished every second of that recital.

As time went on, Kelly’s love for ballet grew stronger and her talent grew along with it.

Her spins became pirouettes, her jumps became grand jete leaps and her ballet flats turned into sparkling pointe shoes.

She was magnificent. Like an angel dancing across the stage and my heart dancing with her.

When Kelly turned 19, I could sense the nest was getting too tight. I knew that Kelly couldn’t stay in Scottsdale forever and eventually her talent would carry her far beyond the gates of our tiny town.

And so it did.

I remember the day she called me with incredible news. “Gran, I’m going to New York! I got into Juilliard!”

I couldn’t believe it. She really did it. She was going to the school of her dreams to become a professional ballet dancer.

I laughed with her, I cried with her but in the end.. I just wanted to look at her because I knew this meant she was leaving.

Seeing her a few times a week would soon turn into a few times a year.

Having a party for her on her birthday would turn into a phone call..

Holding her hand as we walked around my garden would soon be a distant memory.

But that’s part of being a grandparent. You appreciate the little moments when your grandkids are small because one day they will go off and start their own life… and that’s exactly what we want. We just want them to be happy.

When the day came for Kelly to leave, I pulled her aside and gave her one of the necklaces from your site. I chose the one that said “ Granddaughter, never forget that I love you.”

It was the perfect way to send my love with her to New York. To help her remember that I’m cheering for her every single day and there’s nothing I love more than watching her dance.

When she opened it, she burst into tears and fell into my arms. She said, “Thank you Grandma, I will wear this everyday!”

It was a moment I will never forget.

Now whenever Kelly is in the face of hardship, or needs some extra support, she will see that message from me and remember that her Gran loves her, even if I’m over 2,000 miles away.

Thank you for giving me that.


Thank you Susan for your amazing story, and we hope to hear updates about Kelly’s exciting dance career in the future!

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