About Us

We make it fun and easy for you to get the most precious and cutest treasures for your granddaughters and grandsons. We're constantly designing new, fashionable, meaningful, unique pieces for your grandchildren and other loved ones.  We help you deepen your connection with your grandchildren with a daily reminder you love them.

Find the perfect birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or just put a smile on their face with a surprise gift (those are the best ones)!

We believe in fast service (we ship all orders in 2-3 business day from Chicago) and in great customer service! We get back to email and other requests in just a few hours.

Our Core Values (We're still working on and adapting these)

  1. Surprises - who doesn't like a nice surprise? We're building surprises into Deserves for customers, employees, vendors and partners! It's fun!
  2. Sharing - This goes for everyone as well - we believe in sharing ideas, stories, dreams, goals...
  3. Understanding and Caring - We don't want to provide just good service, we want you to know that we understand and care about you, our customer, employees, vendors or partners in business. We take the time to listen.
  4. We'll try it, but track it - We're up for trying almost anything as long as we track how it does!
  5. Have fun and be weird - Dancing turkeys are OK ;)

If you have any questions about our items, service, guarantee please just email us at support@grandkidsmatter.com and you'll meet our kind and thoughtful team!